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The New Look gift card is the perfect reward – secure, flexible, exciting, compelling. Technical innovation makes it simple for you to administer your scheme, and easy for the recipient to spend. Our gift cards carry no value until activated by you, so there are no security or distribution concerns or costs. Plus you can add value again and again with remote top-ups, making our gift card ideal for flexible and voluntary benefits programmes and instant recognition.

The New Look gift card offers it all. Whether you want to acknowledge achievement in the workplace, stimulate consumer sales, or influence behaviour. We give you the choice.


New Look eGift Codes are the latest product to arrive at New Look, offering a secure and flexible product that can be easily managed. The eGift code is a code that can be emailed and is only available for use online.


New Look Gift Vouchers make it easy to please all the people all the time; are easy to handle and administer; and you’ll be happy in the knowledge that gift vouchers provide a higher perceived value than cash.

With our gift voucher you can reward the individual, and they can choose to share with their whole family, inspirational clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children (aged two and up) it’s all there in one gift voucher.

Make this reward a more memorable experience for everyone concerned with New Look.


As you'd expect, we offer a Euro Voucher specifically for use in Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and France.

With all the same great features and benefits as its sterling equivalent, our Euro Voucher holds the key to successful motivation and reward.

Make your investment work even harder with the New Look Euro Voucher.

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